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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some crochet things

Seems like I have a bit of projects going on at the moment, all of them no where near being finished, but does that stop me from making some scrap grannies today?  Nope.  

Granny Iris, regular granny, Granny Iris again, Granny Edna, Granny Florence, and another Edna

Not sure if I mentioned before, the Simply Crochet Granny Square-a-Week app squares I was doing.  I had an afghan in mind, but seeing my mom make granny squares for her own blanket inspired me to do 9 grannies and make a pillow.

For the back it's going to be one big granny square.  I should be finished it, but I'm using Red Heart Super Saver and it's really rough and is taking me forever.  The scrap grannies I made today were made using Lion Brand Wool-Ease and I made 6 with no problem.  My leftover RHSS might be heading to the thrift store.  Acrylic yarn doesn't have to feel like it's made of wound up plastic bags!

My mom made her first granny square!   She's been making a lot more,

and I believe it has turned from a pastel shaded lapghan to a kaleidoscope blanket.  It's coming along really nicely.

The first few rounds and colours I'm using to make Winkie's Beach Bag.  She had a crochet-a-long going on with it, check it out HERE.

A Blythe sweater, (my first intarsia !!!), with the unfinished flag of Brazil for the World Cup.  I wish I had finished this earlier, but I believe when I was finishing this up Brazil was being slammed by Germany in the semis.  Now I need to hurry up and make some Liverpool ones before August 16 when their season starts!

My current line up of my granny daughter blanket.  I bought two Pound of Loves in black so the joining will all be the same color, and am doing a pattern of variegated, solid, variegated.  Here is what I had already completely, but there's two different blacks and it really started to bother me:

And when I was looking for that I found my blanket made out of hexagons!  

Crosses fingers some of these will be FOs this year!

Friday, July 4, 2014


My current mood has been:

And I've been obeying it!  I just knit a Blythe sweater, and yesterday I decided to pull out my sewing machine.  I thought it was broken, but all it was was a messed up bobbin.  Turns out it wasn't winded properly.  

After a quick fix, I dove into my "rainbow stash."  I have 8 or so baggies with fabric scraps according to their color.  I know I got the inspiration from crazy mom quilts, though I have no idea where that post is, especially since I've had these baggies since...2009?  

I decided to freeform sew them, then cut them down later and make a rainbow scrap quilt.  I never knew just how hard it is to freeform; to just pick up scraps and sew them together willy nilly and see what you come up with.  The green one isn't that freeform-y, but if I was doing a different project I know I wouldn't put those together, but for this scrappy-ness, it works. 

For example, I had no idea I had fabric with hippos!

This yellow was the first, and I call this one actual freeform.  It probably isn't, but it's freeform for me.  The different shades, the different patterns, aghh! I don't know why it isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would.  (Though looking at this picture the scrap on the bottom left looks out of place...)

I took some close-ups of this beautiful fabric I have with jolly folks frolicking, but as I uploaded it I realized it wasn't as sweet as I thought.  For example, is this fellow's head facing the wrong way?

"What did you say about my red horse?!  I heard you, don't make me come back."

And the couple is cute, but is that guy on the right drunk?

Yanke...*hiccup*...doodle dangey...*burp*

Oh well, I love it regardless.  I have new needles now, so I'm going to get working.

Happy Fourth! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Layered Daisy Mandala

Finished my mandala!  

It started out as a remake of my Vera's Spike Stitch Daisy Square, but I kept going and it worked up beautifully.  Since mandala's are currently all the rage, I decided to go with it.  

After this was taken I added a brown round the edge to keep it all together.

The pattern is currently being typed and tested, so keep your eyes on this space for the free Layered Daisy Mandala pattern!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Just some things

Testing out my new iPhone's camera, and loving the explosion of color summer brings

The kitties got new collars; here's Arwen with her pink bow:

Photographing and adding all my yarn for Ravelry.  It's quite a chore.  This is my cotton collection:

Enlisting some help to tame the wooly madness 

My mom and I finished the main part of our Jolly Chunky bags.  Here is Pip testing it:

You can never be mad at a face like that:

Redoing the Vera's Spike Stitch Daisy square:

And having it turn into a mandala!  The pattern will be up within the month. *crosses fingers*  

Having nice days to take cats for walks:

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy crafting!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Beets Me!

Beets, those gorgeous root veggies that make the majority of people dry heave.  Despite being a superfood, they have an odd dirt-like flavor; one almost impossible to describe and can be summed up as... beety.  My first experience with beets was last summer, when my cousin made beet burgers.  They were beautiful pink patties - the dirt flavor being covered by fresh goat cheese and a basil leaf which let the sweetness come through.  Apparently I was a huge fan of beets when I was a baby, eating cans of the pureed baby food, but my mom felt guilty because she hated them. 

One day on either Pinterest or Facebook I came upon a recipe for pink deviled eggs!

I'm a fan of anything pink, and deviled eggs are one of my specialties, so I knew I had to make them.  These were tinted pink by pickling them ever so slightly in a vinegar, peppercorn, and beet juice bath, which I prefer over food coloring.

I wanted to make them for a special occasion, so I decided to try them out for Mother's Day.

Here are my eggs, pickling overnight. 

In the morning I was delighted to find pink eggs!


And when I sliced them, they were perfect!  Not completely pink, but with a bright border.   I had to taste one - delicious!  They had a slight kick to them, but were a tad vinegar-y, so before adding the egg mixture back I rinsed them off so it still retained that nice flavor without being too overwhelming.

Instead of the recipe given I used my favorite recipe from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, a must have if you don't already own it.

Yummy eggs!

Along with the eggs I made pork chops and stuffed mini peppers, but went a little overboard with the pepper.  NB: don't serve peppercorns whole - your parents will have a coughing fit.

I had a lot of extra beet left over, almost a whole one, and didn't want to waste it.  As I was cooking, I noticed that beets have this underlying sweet flavor, which is why it must be perfect for chocolate cakes.  Unfortunately, I let this sit out for too long before deciding what to do with it, so I'm currently cooking another one.  I have plans to recreate the sweet recipe, and make beetsauce, and make something yummy with that, so we'll see how that turns out. 

Happy crafting! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Walk in the Flowers

One of my favourite apps is Hipstamatic, a photography app for the iPhone, and one of my favourite things to photograph is flowers.  Enjoy these little bits of beauty from our local vegetable/flower stand.

Love these pots

Herbs!  I can't wait to get my herb garden started

The Nall's rooster.  They crow all day.
Resident rooster who crows all during the day.

I think it's a mandevilla, but I'm not completely sure.
Mandevilla (?)


Striped Petunias!
Striped petunias!

Pretty flowers my mom thinks are ugly.

Marigolds! Like a little bit of sunshine.

Mama Hippo!
Mama Hippo!

Gnome hats

Triffid flowers and herbs

Little moons

Can you find the little moons?


I love the Salvador lens
Using the special Salvador 84 Lens.

Channeling Georgia O'Keeffe

Sometimes black and white is hard; it's better to see it fullview. 

Dahlias & herbs

If anyone knows the name of some of these flowers it'd be greatly appreciated.