Miscellaneous Monday


Have you figured out the Plan I've created for this blog yet?  It's daily features!  Now I'll have a schedule that will hopefully keep me blogging and keep my interest, and hopefully this third (fourth?) incarnation of OnePinkHippo won't fade after a few weeks.  Just as a refresher, let's go over the daily features in detail:

  • Miscellaneous Monday ▸ Mondays are going to be whatever I want! It's my free day.  I'll still stick with crafty things, but it's basically my day to post about whatever I want, including life in general.
  • Tuesday ▸ Tuesdays are off days; Tuesdays are regroup days.  We all have weekends, we all have days off, and I'll need a day off from yakking about myself, and to plan future posts. 
  • Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday ▸ Where I talk about my current WIPs, always plural, because I have a bad habit of starting projects and leaving them languishing about my house in various stages of completion.  This is going to get a little tricky because it's Holiday Crafting Season, so some Wednesdays might be Close Up Shots of Christmas presents, depending on who reads this blog.
  • Throwback Thursday ▸ Where we go back in the past 11 years I've been knitting and crocheting and take a look at the crazy (I'm looking at you, first amigurumi rabbit I stuffed too much), beautiful, and well-loved items I've made over the years, as well as those items I've given as gifts to people I've lost touch with.  
  • Finished Object (FO) Friday ▸ Where we look at my most recent Finished Objects.  FO Friday might not always happen because I might not always have an FO, but we'll see how this works out.
  • Showcase Saturday and Sunday ▸ And the weekend is for the Showcase!  The Showcase is where I share knits and crochets from around the web.  Saturday will be for crochet items, Sunday will be for knit items.  
I'm excited about these features, and excited to be blogging again.  And thank you all very much for reading!


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