WIP Wednesday: Don't Look Dad!

Guess what!

13 weeks until Christmas!

Have you started your gifts?  Lucky for me, and for the first time in my entire crafting career, I've actually started Christmas crafting, and am 95% finished my first gift.

I made my dad a granny square afghan in 2008, but it's falling apart because I wasn't very good at weaving in my ends.  I decided to make him a new one, and it coincided with the great Sarah H. (EssHaych) introducing me to Ice Yarns. I bought a pack (4 skeins) of a lovely bamboo/wool mix in shades of green and charcoal and got to work:

As I was crocheting it seemed 4 skeins wasn't going to be enough, but remembered that I had bought this on sale.  Unfortunately the yarn has been discontinued so the finished blanket is going to be closer to a lapghan than a full size adult blanket.  

I still need to add the border, which will add a few more inches.  It's a shame, because the yarn is a delight to work with (no acrylic squeak!) and produces a drapey, warm fabric.  I'll miss you Bamboo Wool Magic, we hardly knew ye. 


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