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Lazy Daisy Jones' Photo-a-Day Challenge Catch-Up

Catching up with Lazy Daisy Jones photo-a-day challenge for October. 
day 11 - pom poms
Skipped.  I don't have anything that incorporates pom poms!
day 12 - lace

Shoreline Lace Shawl test swatch.

day 13 - blanket

day 14 - fave color

day 15 - chunky

day 16 - new book
day 17 - yarn crush

day 18 - fave mag

Simply Crochet magazine, where this pattern for Just Pootling's autumn garland comes from.
day 19 - shawl/scarf

Nordic Shawl in progress
day 20 - vintage

day 21 - autumn color

day 22 - next project

Cheery Christmas baubles!  I've promised myself I won't start until November.
day 23 - mittens
Skipped.  I've never knit nor crocheted a pair of mittens.
day 24 - baby

FO Friday: Pumpking

Today's post was going to be in conjunction with yesterday's, and talk about tension, but instead we should talk about the wonders of blocking.

Today's F.O. is a pumpkin dishcloth!
Pumpking by Teresa Gregorio (from the Knit Picks Website)
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Orange, and Brown
Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)
Started: October 15, 2016 Finished: October 18, 2016

After I finished it, it curled so much I could sew it together and have a ball, and I thought it might be due to two things.  The first was tension.  I was using US 5 (3.75 mm) with worsted weight yarn, when the recommended needle size is US 8 (5.00 mm). I thought my tension, as well as using small needles with a thicker yarn was making it curl, but others on Ravelry made theirs with Sugar 'n Cream and US 5s and theirs came out flat.  
The second was a fault with the pattern, and that it would not lie flat since the side sections are not longer than the middle section, so it curls up because there's not en…

#TBT Gretchen

Today's #TBT is a joint post with tomorrow's FO Friday, because we're going to be discussing tension.

Ah, tension. If only we all had the same tension, things would be so much easier.  We could all follow the recommended hook or needle size, and dive right in instead of making those dang gauge swatches.  I hate swatching; I never do it.  But I'm going to start needing to, because I'm going to start making project that require it it, like sweaters, and want to try more advanced techniques like stranding, and don't want all my hats to end up like Gretchen:

Poor Gretchen.  Why's it all pointy at the top? We'll never know.  Why's it huge and come down to my eyebrows?  Once again, we'll never know. No, we'll know. It's the tension! I didn't swatch, and it came out too big.  I probably should have gone down to US 6s for the ribbing, and used US 7s for the colorwork part, but I used US 8s and stuck for them the whole time, instead of using …

Mill Ends

Three things happened:  I was feeling a bit down, it was I Love Yarn Day, and I had just discovered Jo-Ann Fabrics sells mill ends yarn.

What are mill ends?  It seems as though mill ends could mean a lot of things.  It could be the end or a defective dye lot, the wrong color, missing yardage, discontinued yarn, overstock, or skeins that weigh too much or too little.  Either way, it's great, as you can get a good amount of yarn for $5 - $7, though be warned, they can be full of knots and other issues.

October 15 was I Love Yarn Day, and I wanted to treat myself, so I went out to my local Jo-Ann Fabrics to get a wreath form and one bag of mill ends. (Sticking to one bag was tough!)  I was pleasantly surprised with a large container outside the store filled with yarn in baggies for $5!

I came home with what appears to be two yarns held together, that unfortunately didn't have a yarn label:

Now we get into the fun What's This Yarn part of the mill ends journey.  There's …

Showcase Saturday

Amelia Poncho (Adult) | Megan Meyer (Left in Knots)

Fruit Loop Shawl | Lazy Daisy Jones

Crocheted Radish | Twinkie Chan
Georgina the Hippo | Kerry Lord (Edward's Menagerie)

Disclaimer:  patterns and images featured in the Showcase do not belong to OnePinkHippo, they are the property of the stated and linked designer or artist.

A Tale of 13 Blankets

Today's photo-a-day challenge theme is blanket, and since it coincides with Thursday, I decided we'll take a look at the 13 blankets I currently have in various stages of completion.  It counts as a throwback as one of these date all the way back to 2009.

1. Granny Stripes, aka the Great Beast

2. Granny Square (for my dad)

Previously believed to be finished, I talked here about how I found new yarn and hoped it was the same weight since the website said it was.  Unfortunately it wasn't, the new yarn is DK weight.  Fortunately I just went up two hook sizes (to a 6.00 mm) and the worsted and DK rounds are indistinguishable.  
3. Granny Square (for a friend)
No picture, as he's sitting right next to me, and I'm afraid he'll see it!
4. JAYGo Worsted 

5. The Blanket

Originally made for a friend, I liked it so much I decided to keep it.  

6. Granny Stripes (for a friend)

7. Purple (for my grandma)

From 2011!

8. Therapy Crochet

Last year, after not crocheting for almost a ye…

Just like autumn leaves, we're in for change.*

Ever since I saw Kate Eastwood of Just Pootling's... harvest garland/wreath, I knew I had to get Issue 49 of Simply Crochet magazine solely for this.  Even though I needed the pattern, I still wasn't sure I would be able to make it, but then I remembered I had a small stash of Knit Picks Palette, which is the same weight as DMC Natura Just Cotton, and I had some oranges and greens, along with a brown donated by my mom so I was all set to make a fabulous wreath for autumn, and stash bust. 
I grabbed my bitty 2.75mm (C) hook and got started on the plain leaves, which I'll be making in shades of green.  And then I was stumped.  They curled!  There were too many stitches!  The pattern was telling me to do this and I had 5 extra stitches at the end!  I decided to set the project aside and work on it another day.
Good thing, because in the meantime it dawned on me Simply Crochet is from the UK and I'm in the US and for some odd reason we use don't use the same crochet t…

Lazy Daisy Jones Photo-a-Day

Today we're continuing with Lazy Daisy Jones photo-a-day challenge.  Have you joined yet?  Come to Instagram and use the hashtag #ldjcrochethookup for some wonderful crochet, and on Fridays you have the chance to win a color pack of Paintbox Yarns!
Day 04: granny square

Day 05: WIP

Day 06: contrast

Day 07: rainbows

Day 08: cushion

Day 09: border

Day 10: gift

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Showcase Sunday

Autumn Leaves shawl | Lady-Macbeth on Ravelry

Tree Lined | Erica Jackofsky (Fiddle Knits)

I Knit Scarves That Bite! | Nina Fürer (via Bored Panda)

Disclaimer:  patterns and images featured in the Showcase do not belong to OnePinkHippo, they are the property of the stated and linked designer or artist.

The Great Beast's Baby: Weekender Blanket

I'm finally reaching the end of the first balls of the Great Beast, as it's come to be known.

It's my granny stripe blanket that I've been working on since 2014 and just haven't sat down to complete it because it's just so huge and overwhelming.  I have a full bed, and it almost touches the floor on both sides.

But it's beautiful; I love it.  It's big and smooshy and warm and I can't wait until it's finished (hoping that's going to be in 2017.)

But now that I'm at the end of the first balls, 5 color repeats in, I now am going to find I have a bunch of little balls of yarn.  The thing with this blanket is it's DK, so it's not like I can just add these scraps to my JAYGo worsted blanket (the colors might clash) or turn them into granny daughters, which are made from worsted as well.

So what do you with 12 little balls of DK yarn in a working color combination?

You start a Weekender Blanket, of course!

I'm not sure yet if this…