A Tale of 13 Blankets

Today's photo-a-day challenge theme is blanket, and since it coincides with Thursday, I decided we'll take a look at the 13 blankets I currently have in various stages of completion.  It counts as a throwback as one of these date all the way back to 2009.

1. Granny Stripes, aka the Great Beast

2. Granny Square (for my dad)

Previously believed to be finished, I talked here about how I found new yarn and hoped it was the same weight since the website said it was.  Unfortunately it wasn't, the new yarn is DK weight.  Fortunately I just went up two hook sizes (to a 6.00 mm) and the worsted and DK rounds are indistinguishable.  

3. Granny Square (for a friend)

No picture, as he's sitting right next to me, and I'm afraid he'll see it!

4. JAYGo Worsted 

5. The Blanket

Originally made for a friend, I liked it so much I decided to keep it.  

6. Granny Stripes (for a friend)

7. Purple (for my grandma)

From 2011!

8. Therapy Crochet

Last year, after not crocheting for almost a year, I tried to get back in the swing of things by making four round grannies, which I now have more than enough of, but I never got around to joining them (in the lovely teal.)

9. Granny Daughters

Granny daughters (the first round) collected from Craftster swaps starting in 2009.

10. 2009 Scrapghan

I don't have an individual picture, but you can find the Ravelry 12" squares here, the Ravelry 6" squares here, and the Craftster 12" squares here.  All the squares are finished, it just needs to be joined.

11. Homespun Granny Squares

No picture, but I need to buy more yarn for this.  I used Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial (blue), Golden (yellow), and Covered Bridge Red (red).  Homespun is horrid to work with but so soft and smooshy. 

12. Gumdrops (for a friend)

No idea where this project is!

13. Striped Granny Squares

No picture for this one, but it was made of 50g balls of striped DK.  I might frog it and use the balls for something else separately as they really clashed.

After Christmas present crafting is through, I really need to get working on these!


  1. So many fab blankets!! I actually remember the granny's daughters swap - I think that was back when we first started chatting!! Remember we sent each other a ton of GD's?!


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