Just like autumn leaves, we're in for change.*

Ever since I saw Kate Eastwood of Just Pootling's... harvest garland/wreath, I knew I had to get Issue 49 of Simply Crochet magazine solely for this.  Even though I needed the pattern, I still wasn't sure I would be able to make it, but then I remembered I had a small stash of Knit Picks Palette, which is the same weight as DMC Natura Just Cotton, and I had some oranges and greens, along with a brown donated by my mom so I was all set to make a fabulous wreath for autumn, and stash bust. 

I grabbed my bitty 2.75mm (C) hook and got started on the plain leaves, which I'll be making in shades of green.  And then I was stumped.  They curled!  There were too many stitches!  The pattern was telling me to do this and I had 5 extra stitches at the end!  I decided to set the project aside and work on it another day.

Good thing, because in the meantime it dawned on me Simply Crochet is from the UK and I'm in the US and for some odd reason we use don't use the same crochet terms.   

Yesterday, with a clear head I decided to tackle the project again.  I decided to start with the Sycamore Leaves, which I'll be doing in two shades of orange, yellow, and a mustard yellow.  After translating, struggling with the bitty yarn, and making a sycamore leaf in purple DK, I finally succeeded with the Palette in a pretty yellow the color of sycamore leaves:

Last night I did a total of 11, plus a larger one holding two strands together. (center)  I'm pleased with them, even if they don't look like Kate Eastwood's, and are a bit on the bitty and wonky side, I'm hoping they'll look more leaf-like after blocking.  They're also a lot smaller; the one holding two strands together is supposed to be about 5 inches, and mine comes in at 3 inches.  I'm using the same weight yarn and the same size hook, but I think I crochet pretty tightly.  

I'm having a lot of troubles with this pattern, aside from the fact I mistook it for being in US terms.  (Why so many trebles?)   I wouldn't rate the difficulty of it as "easy peasy," I'd say it's an intermediate level pattern. Then again, this is the first time I've had my Crafty Mojo back in almost a year, and most of the things I've been making haven't required a pattern, or has one easy to remember.

I've learned that not crocheting for about a year makes a difference when it comes to tricky techniques.  This is how you do the Magic Loop.  (I even wrote the Magic Loop into one of my old patterns, which can be found here, and I just not could figure it out, not even with my purple DK practice leaf.)  This is how you make a chain-3 picot, it doesn't work by just making a chain-3 space.  (LOL!)  This is how you make a double treble stitch, (dtr) a new stitch I've learned.

I think I'm going to need more than 36 of these Sycamore Leaves, since mine are so tiny, but Kate Eastwood has designed hers to be a garland.  I want to make a wreath, so I need to get my wreath form.  I'm thinking to get a Styrofoam one like this, and follow Lucy of Attic24's tutorial on making a crochet tube wrap for it.

I'm looking forward to it!

Bonus Susie shot:

*Lyric by TV on the Radio
I'm honestly not happy with these, especially the Vera's Spike Stitch Daisy Square.  I'm going to redo that pattern, and re-photograph the Wagon Wheel and Zinnia Squares and hopefully get them made into a nice PDF file.  For the time being, follow the above links to access the patterns and my three older incarnations of OnePinkHippo on Blogspot.


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