Mill Ends

Three things happened:  I was feeling a bit down, it was I Love Yarn Day, and I had just discovered Jo-Ann Fabrics sells mill ends yarn.

What are mill ends?  It seems as though mill ends could mean a lot of things.  It could be the end or a defective dye lot, the wrong color, missing yardage, discontinued yarn, overstock, or skeins that weigh too much or too little.  Either way, it's great, as you can get a good amount of yarn for $5 - $7, though be warned, they can be full of knots and other issues.

October 15 was I Love Yarn Day, and I wanted to treat myself, so I went out to my local Jo-Ann Fabrics to get a wreath form and one bag of mill ends. (Sticking to one bag was tough!)  I was pleasantly surprised with a large container outside the store filled with yarn in baggies for $5!

I came home with what appears to be two yarns held together, that unfortunately didn't have a yarn label:

Now we get into the fun What's This Yarn part of the mill ends journey.  There's a group on Ravelry called "Mystery Yarn" that can help identify what unknown yet lovely yarn you have, and they have tips to figure it out.

What I know so far about this yarn:

  • the yarn held together is 6 wraps per inch (WPI), which makes it super bulky. (x)

  • yarn A is red with flecks of sparkles.  It's 14 WPI, which makes it a fingering. 
  • yarn B is a very light pink, and intermittently very light blue.  It's 11 WPI, which makes it a DK. 
  • It really smells like wool.
  • On the one hand I think it's two different yarns that someone mixed together, but on the other hand it looks like it's been industrially wound.  It's not in cakes, it's in a ball similar to how Knit Picks Palette comes and it has that meshed together way of being wound that most yarns have pre-caking.  Maybe someone has a different ball winder I just don't know about!

So I'm a little puzzled on what it is, but it works up lovely.

I'm excited for this yarn, and I'm excited for this scarf.  I look forward to get more mill ends, as this was a great find, and it's a great way to get good yarn for cheap.

Have you ever tried mill ends?


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