Showcase Saturday

Amelia Poncho (Adult) | Megan Meyer (Left in Knots)

Fruit Loop Shawl | Lazy Daisy Jones

Crocheted Radish | Twinkie Chan

Georgina the Hippo | Kerry Lord (Edward's Menagerie)

Disclaimer:  patterns and images featured in the Showcase do not belong to OnePinkHippo, they are the property of the stated and linked designer or artist.


  1. Great showcase! I just added the poncho and shawl to my to-do list. Depending on how much yarn it takes, I might try that shawl as a Christmas gift! But, the poncho will be for me! I have Edward's Imaginarium, and I love it, so I might have to add Edward's Menagerie to my wishlist!

    1. The poncho is my first thing to make after Christmas gifts; I love it! I need to check out Edward's Imaginarium!


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