The Great Beast's Baby: Weekender Blanket

I'm finally reaching the end of the first balls of the Great Beast, as it's come to be known.

It's my granny stripe blanket that I've been working on since 2014 and just haven't sat down to complete it because it's just so huge and overwhelming.  I have a full bed, and it almost touches the floor on both sides.

But it's beautiful; I love it.  It's big and smooshy and warm and I can't wait until it's finished (hoping that's going to be in 2017.)

But now that I'm at the end of the first balls, 5 color repeats in, I now am going to find I have a bunch of little balls of yarn.  The thing with this blanket is it's DK, so it's not like I can just add these scraps to my JAYGo worsted blanket (the colors might clash) or turn them into granny daughters, which are made from worsted as well.

So what do you with 12 little balls of DK yarn in a working color combination?

You start a Weekender Blanket, of course!

I'm not sure yet if this blanket is only going to comprise of yarns I use in the Great Beast, or if I'm going to add some other colors with some other DK I have in my stash, but for now it's going to be a Baby Great Beast.

I don't feel guilty starting a new project either, since it's co-dependent on the Great Beast.  Since it's relying on scraps, it's going to have to wait until I finish a ball of the GB.  I'm currently finishing one ball this repeat now, and I have two more balls of each color, and for these little scrap balls it looks like I can get about two hexagons out of each little ball, so it'll be a nice size lapghan, at least, if I stick with the GB color combination and don't add any extra colors.

It's always exciting to start a new project.

And since it is Friday, I do have a Finished Object, but it's a Christmas present, but I know who reads this blog, so it's one that will have to be a Secret until after the holidays.

What's on your hook or needles this weekend?


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