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November Musings and Goodbyes

I hope everyone's had a wonderful November.  It seems to have gone by in an instant.  One second I was soaking up the remnants of the summer sun, wondering when the peak of red and gold and orange leaves would be, waiting to feast on Thanksgiving and give gifts on Christmas, to what seems like the first day of spring after a long winter with ugly brown leaves scattered on wet pavement, but with out of place Christmas lights flickering at 5 PM when the sun goes down.  It's an odd day today for the last day of November; instead it feels like a March morning,  a day to feel the humid 70 degree air on bare arms, discarding scarves and hats we've disguised ourselves with all winter; instead we're putting out Christmas lights.  It's weird to have these warm days in late autumn on the East Coast.  As a child I remember November being cold, greedily wrapping myself in new sweaters and winter clothes that I'd soon tire of in mid January; then into college when it turned…

FO Friday: A Bauble

Crochet Christmas Bauble by Ollie & Bella
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'N Cream in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Green, Hot Blue; Lily Sugar 'N Cream Denim in Indigo
Hook: US H (5.00 mm)
Size: it covers a 3 inch styrofoam ball
Started: November 5, 2016
Finished: November 18, 2016

This was a fun crochet, and I like how it came out, but it was a Major Pain try to single crochet the two sides together around the styrofoam ball.  So much of a pain, in fact, I'm not sure if I'm going to make any more, even though I have five more styrofoam balls.  Maybe I'll whip stitch it around the ball instead.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was cold and quiet, spent at home with family and good food.  Now knitting and crocheting for Christmas needs to take place in earnest.  I have been spending my evenings feverishly working on my Nordic Shawl, ignoring this blog (I haven't forgotten about the knitter's bucket list series!) in the meantime, but now I really need to get…

Finishing Lazy Daisy Jones' Photo-a-Day Challenge

Finishing Lazy Daisy Jones' photo-a-day challenge I did on Instagram for October.  November is 14 days in, and I'm missing having an incentive to take a picture of my knitting and crochet every day. 😞
day 25: design inspo
A screenshot of my favorites on Instagram. 

day 26: yarn shelfie
Skipped because my yarn doesn't live on a shelf, rather it lives in under-the-bed boxes, and WIPs live in a pile of bags, a pile which I'd rather not share. 😂

day 27: hooks

A few of my favorite hooks.

day 28: stripes

The Great Beast, my favorite striped project.

day 29: amigurumi

A Pumpkinpus!

day 30: hat

I haven't crocheted a hat in a while; this is the most recent one I made, a "Little Ears" hat for Blythe.

day 31: spooky!
Skipped.  The spookiest thing I've made was the Pumpkinpus.
Hoping to find another photo-a-day challenge for December!

Knitter's Bucket List: Part 2

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of the Knitter's Bucket List.  You can find part 1 HERE.

12. Knitting with silk. Incomplete.
Ooo, silk.  I have some silk yarn in my stash, Duke by Silkindian, 100% silk, in a pumpkiny orange color, but I'm not sure what to make with it.  Maybe make a cowl, to keep it close.

13. Möbius band knitting. Incomplete.
What's a Möbius band?  It’s a surface with only one side and one boundary. 

The above example is a Möbius strip made from a piece of paper or tape. "If an ant were to crawl along the length of this strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip (on both sides of the original paper) without ever crossing an edge." (x)  In our case, it’d be a Möbius strip made by knitting and a little finagling to make a scarf, for example, with "one edge, one side, and basically a twist with a half loop in it." (x)  Looks interesting.  Math can be fun, right?
14. Participating in a KAL. In…

Showcase Saturday

Sweet as Honey Baby Blanket and Hat Set | Illuminate Crochet via Craftsy

Budgies | by Alena Serebryanska via KnitHacker

Crochet Christmas Baubles | Sherrie of Ollie & Bella  (free pattern!)

Disclaimer: patterns and images featured in the Showcase do not belong to OnePinkHippo, they are the property of the stated and linked designer or artist.

Make, Bake, Sew, Grow

Tales From a Happy House had a wonderful plan that she has continued with since 2015, and what I'd like to incorporate, at least for today.  It's called Make, Bake, Sew, Grow.  Lovely little rhyme!

You can find her original post HERE.

My take is going to consist of the following:

Make: anything I make, non-food and non-yarn related.Bake: anything I cook or bake, and remember to take a picture of before eating!Sew: current projects, a lot of knitting and crochet photos I take for Instagram, and hopefully we'll see some sewing and cross stitch/embroidery.Grow: anything growing.

~ Make ~ 
I've been using a system similar to a bullet journal in my current "page-a-day" Moleskine, but I just didn't have enough room.  Then I found an article on Buzzfeed that talks about using a bullet journal (bujo) to track your monthly habits and moods, plus I could use a charted migraine tracker.  I decided on graph paper composition books and made a new bujo and tracking syst…

Knitter's Bucket List: Part 1

From now until the end of the year (can you believe it's already November?) Thursdays are going to be dedicated to exploring the Knitter's Bucket List.  You can find the full list HERE, and I will post a complete list with links and checkmarks when I'm finished this series.  I'll be looking at the projects I completed in the past to cross off specific list marks, so it still counts as Throwback Thursday.  I'll also explain why I haven't done certain ones, and explore the more intriguing ones such as knitting with banana fibers and moebius knitting.

1. Afghan. Incomplete. 

I'm not sure I'll ever knit an afghan, as I prefer to crochet them, as I knit slower than I crochet, but I've seen some really great patterns such as Kay Gardiner's Mitered Crosses, the beekeeper's quilt, and blocks from 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton.

2. I-Cord.Complete

There's really not too much to making I-cords, but I still hate it.  Slowly going back and forth ju…