Finishing Lazy Daisy Jones' Photo-a-Day Challenge

Finishing Lazy Daisy Jones' photo-a-day challenge I did on Instagram for October.  November is 14 days in, and I'm missing having an incentive to take a picture of my knitting and crochet every day. 😞

day 25: design inspo

All of you. πŸ’—
A screenshot of my favorites on Instagram. 

day 26: yarn shelfie

Skipped because my yarn doesn't live on a shelf, rather it lives in under-the-bed boxes, and WIPs live in a pile of bags, a pile which I'd rather not share. πŸ˜‚

day 27: hooks

A few of my favorite hooks.

day 28: stripes

The Great Beast, my favorite striped project.

day 29: amigurumi

day 30: hat

I haven't crocheted a hat in a while; this is the most recent one I made, a "Little Ears" hat for Blythe.

day 31: spooky!

Skipped.  The spookiest thing I've made was the Pumpkinpus.

Hoping to find another photo-a-day challenge for December!


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