Knitter's Bucket List: Part 1

From now until the end of the year (can you believe it's already November?) Thursdays are going to be dedicated to exploring the Knitter's Bucket List.  You can find the full list HERE, and I will post a complete list with links and checkmarks when I'm finished this series.  I'll be looking at the projects I completed in the past to cross off specific list marks, so it still counts as Throwback Thursday.  I'll also explain why I haven't done certain ones, and explore the more intriguing ones such as knitting with banana fibers and moebius knitting.

1. Afghan. Incomplete. 

I'm not sure I'll ever knit an afghan, as I prefer to crochet them, as I knit slower than I crochet, but I've seen some really great patterns such as Kay Gardiner's Mitered Crosses, the beekeeper's quilt, and blocks from 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton.

2. I-Cord. Complete

There's really not too much to making I-cords, but I still hate it.  Slowly going back and forth just to knit a few stitches; it feels like it takes forever.  I had to make I-cord ears for these Bunny Nuggets:

3. Garter Stitch. Complete.

The first stitch I learned!  How lovely and pleasing you are to knit!  What lovely ridges you make!  I especially like chunky garter stitch scarves:

4. Knitting with metal wire. Incomplete.

My first thoughts were "ouch!" But reading more about it, apparently you can make some beautiful jewelry.  It doesn't really sound like something I'd try, but it does sound interesting.  You can find more information HERE.

5. Shawl. Incomplete

I started knitting a shawl, in fact, I made a practice/gauge swatch, but never got around to actually making the shawl.  I still have the yarn, I should go ahead and make it.

6. Stockinette stitch. Complete

The second stitch I learned after learning how to purl.  How beautiful and structured you are, but damn that curl!  I love this cowl I made in stockinette stitch, but I bet I'd love it even more if it didn't curl.

7. Socks: top-down. Incomplete.

But not for lack of trying!  In 2010 I tried knitting a pair of practice socks, which came out with beautiful pooling, but then after knitting the sole I knit the heel on the wrong side and I haven't looked at socks since.  For 2017 I hope to try them again, and this time make a pair.

8. Socks: toe-up. Incomplete.

9. Knitting with camel yarn. Incomplete.

I found some beautiful camel yarn blends on Webs:  Shibui Knits Dune is 50% baby alpaca, 50% baby camel, and 25% silk; Lana Gatto Camel Hair is 60% extrafine merino merino wool and 40% camel; and look at this beautiful silk (65%) and baby camel (35%) blend from OliverTwistsFibres on Etsy:

(c) OliverTwistsFibres

10 and 11. Mittens: cuff-up and mittens: tip-down: Incomplete

12. Hat. Complete.

I've mad a ton of hats, but one I wear the most are as follows: my warm pink tweedy hat I made from double stranding Lion Brand Jiffy and Lion Cotton, both yarns unfortunately discontinued:

My white cotton Le Slouch, the perfect slouchy hat, which now the pattern has been altered:

And my Reverie, made from self-striping Berroco Love It Colors, which has also been discontinued:

So the first part of the knitter's bucket list is as follows:

  • afghan
  • ✓ i-cord
  • ✓ garter stitch
  • knitting with metal wire
  • shawl
  • ✓ stockinette stitch
  • socks: top-down
  • socks: toe-up
  • knitting with camel yarn
  • mittens: cuff-up
  • mittens: tip-down
  • ✓ hat

Tomorrow has a new feature as well!

Happy November!


  1. Cool list!! And I remember the Bunny Nuggets!! :D

    1. I'm thinking of making one for crocheters as well!

  2. I'd love it if you could make a crochet version of the list! That would be fun to do!


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