Knitter's Bucket List: Part 3

Welcome to the third installation of the knitter's bucket list.  You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here.

24. Charity knitting. Partially complete.

This is marked as "partially" complete, because I never sent my completed project off.  Fortunately I know where the squares are (knit in 2011!) and the company is still accepting so I am going to send them this year.  The company is Knit-A-Square, a company that strives to keep warm and comfort children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa.

I also plan to knit a few hats for protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline, most notably at Standing Rock.  There is a Standing Rock Hat from Lavanya Patricella and information on Ravelry you can find here.

25. Knitting with soy yarn. Incomplete.

I haven't used it yet, but have two skeins of Patons Soy Wool Stripes in my stash.  (Sadly discontinued.) Remember back in 2006 when everyone was snatching this up to make Calorimetrys?

(c) Kathryn Schoendorf via Ravelry

Since my current hairstyle of choice is space buns, I can't wear hats, and I have been looking for something to keep my ears warm.  I think I'll have to whip up a few of these after Christmas.

26. Cardigan. Incomplete.

I suppose the sweater, Chantal, I talked about in part 2 counts more as a cardigan than a sweater as a cardigan is a knit sweater that fastens down the front. I do have plans to knit sweaters though.

27. Toy/doll clothing. Complete.

I've knit a quite a few things for Blythe, my favorites being this hoodie and sweater:

Complete with a big hood for big Blythe heads.
Info here.

(c) mellow is me via Flickr

28. Knitting with circular needles. Complete.

With help from Ravelry, I found the first project I knit in the round with circs back in 2008 for my boyfriend at the time.  It was my also first time using DPNs, too.  


29. Baby items. Complete.

My first, a pair of Saartjee's Bootees:

and most recent, a blanket for a friend from high school:

30. Knitting with your own handspun yarn. Incomplete.

Though I own a drop spindle and roving, I haven't used it yet.

31. Knitting with your own hand-dyed yarn. Incomplete.

I've hand-dyed my own yarn, using Kool-Aid, but I haven't used it yet.

32. Slippers. Incomplete.

33. Graffiti knitting. (Yarnbombing) Incomplete.

34. Designing knitted garments. Incomplete.

35. Lace patterns. Incomplete.

But I have knit a lace practice swatch in cotton in preparation for a scarf.

Part three of the knitter's bucket list is as follows:
  • charity knitting
  • knitting with soy yarn
  • cardigan
  • ✓ toy/doll clothing
  • ✓ knitting with circular needles
  • ✓ baby items
  • knitting with your own handspun yarn
  • knitting with your own hand-dyed yarn
  • slippers
  • graffiti knitting
  • designing knitted garments
  • lace patterns

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