2017 Temperature Weekender Blanket

What better way to begin the new year than by starting a temperature blanket!?!

What's a temperature blanket? A temperature blanket (or scarf, shawl, or snake) is an example of conceptual knitting or crochet.  There's also sky, mood, and even weight-loss projects.  In all of these you assign different colors of yarn to your chosen variable and knit or crochet a row or round or motif a day in the appropriate yarn color.  At the end of the year, or how ever long you've chosen, you have a visual representation of the temperatures or your moods. Fun!

For the past three days I've been researching and planning and making charts and finally have everything set in stone and my blanket is in progress.  I'm so excited to get to the next day to record the temperature, and have never been so interested in the forecast as now.  This is a fun project, and I hope the momentum I have going into it will stick around.

I'm going to split this into three parts, guided by the excellent series Demystifying Temperature Blankets by Stitching in the Woods, which I highly recommend if you're going to try and make one.  There are three main pieces to the puzzle that need to be figured out before you dive in: picking a temperature range, picking yarn, and picking the pattern.  I've given this a lot of time and thought, and am very happy with my choices.  So let's get to it!


First, I had to make a temperature gauge.  I live near Washington D.C., and we have all four seasons, but we rarely get temperatures under 19° and over 100°, so those were my limits. I had a scale composed of 10 colors at first, in the ROY G BIV scale, but wanted more colors. I decided every ten degrees would be its own color range (30s in purple), and then it'll be split in half, with a darker and lighter shade representing the higher and lower temperature ranges. (30° - 34° light purple; 35° - 39° dark purple).

Here is the finished chart:

In case that picture doesn't work, here is my chart again:

  • under 19° » greybeard
  • 20s           » pink
  • 30° - 34° » amethyst
  • 35° - 39° » orchid
  • 40° - 44° » stonewash
  • 45° - 49° » soft blue
  • 50° - 54° » light sage
  • 55° - 59° » pistache
  • 60° - 64° » sungold
  • 65° - 69° » yellow
  • 70° - 74° » desert glaze
  • 75° - 79° » burnt pumpkin
  • 80° - 84° » orange
  • 85° - 89° » fire red
  • 90° - 100+ » red

I decided I will take the temperature at noon, or as close to possible to noon every day, and that's what shall be represented in my blanket.


The yarn was the most fun!  Picking yarn is always my favorite part, and I'm really happy with all the colors I've chosen. I knew I was going to use worsted weight acrylic because it's cheap, good for blankets, some come in no dye lots, and there's almost every color imaginable.

I received a gift card for Hobby Lobby for my birthday (thanks uncle!) so yesterday I voyaged through the rain and terrible DMV traffic to the wonder that is Hobby Lobby and their glorious wall of I Love This Yarn worsted weight acrylic, holy cow!  I didn't know they had so many colors!

Here are my colors:

From right to left: Greybeard, Pink, Amethyst, Orchid, Stonewash, Soft Blue, Light Sage, Pistache, Sungold, Yellow, Desert Glaze, Burnt Pumpkin, Orange, Fire Red, and Red


Little did I know, choosing the pattern would give me the most trouble.  At first, I was set on doing rows and was 100% against doing motifs.  I didn't want to do a granny stripe, as I have one going, and I wanted this to be different, so I decided on a ripple.  But I still wasn't happy.  I tried the box stitch, but I couldn't get it right, and even though it's lovely, I know there's going to be some days where I'm ill or don't want to crochet so I wanted something that would be easy.  Something I'd like coming back to.  Then after hours of scouring Instagram and Pinterest I found this chart:

Source unknown.

Motifs?  But 365 is an odd number?  Ah, they added 12 blank squares for the beginning of each month, plus one extra for January 1 of next year for a total of 378 squares.  So then I switched to motifs, except the extra for January 1 of next year will be blank with '2017' embroidered on it. So, forget stripes, we're doing motifs.  But which motif design?

Yesterday, I finally settled on the Weekender Blanket pattern by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart.  Hexagons are my favorite shape, and these are quick and easy.  They have an easy join-as-you-go method, and her pattern provides for filler hexies to make the blanket square, plus a border.  I also think this will be interesting; I haven't seen very many hexagon temperature blankets.  I've decided to use black yarn for the first hexagon of each month, the filler hexies, and the border.

Here are my hexagons from the 1st (53° - light sage), 2nd (44° - stonewash), and 3rd (45° - soft blue).

Since this will take up all of 2017, Tuesdays will now be known as Temperature Tuesdays, and that will be when I update with progress.  I don't want to spam ya'al with daily pictures!

Also please check out the Temperature Blanket Yarn-Along on Facebook for help and pictures!

Hope everyone had a great New Year!



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