Temperature Tuesday II

17 days in, my first strip is (almost) complete on my temperature blanket!  I'm just waiting for my black yarn to come in the mail, and I'll put a black one to the left of the dark green hexagon with the stitch marker, the black one being the place marker for January.

It's too long to take a decent picture of without showing tidbits of my messy room.  I would have taken it downstairs and gotten a picture on the floor (standing on a chair most likely), but I've been stuck in bed, sick with a stomach illness for almost a week and had to catch up today.  That alarm going off at noon everyday can get annoying, especially when you're exhausted from not having eaten in days (except for Pepto Bismol) and are exhausted, but I still faithfully recorded the temperatures, even that weird yellow day where it was in the 60s!

It fits across my full size bed already, so it's a perfect size.  It'll also have a border.  I'll have measurements as soon as the black yarn comes in (where is it?!) and I'm feeling better.  I'm excited to start a new row tomorrow!



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