Temperature Tuesday III


Glad to say I've been working on my blanket daily, and I'm on row two now!

My black yarn came in the mail the day after I posted, so it's finally got its starting hexagon in black.

Unfortunately, the weather has been quite dismal, raining almost every day, and the same temperature range.  Almost every day it's in the 40s, and for three days it was in the 45° - 49° range, or Soft Blue days, so there's three of those right next to each other, which is bound to happen and seems to be on trend for temperature blankets.  I've seen on Facebook people have been using the same color for days and wish they had color variation like mine.  Good thing I chose a 5° temperature range.  A 2° temperature range would also be interesting.

I also found some hexagonal graphing paper, and am coloring in the days accordingly.  It gives me a full look at the blanket, and I can do it on days I don't crochet the hexagon if I'm busy or ill, and I can keep it for records.  Plus it looks cool.

The forecast is mostly in the 40s and 50s, blues and greens, so I suppose I'll be looking at those colors until next week when it drops to 38°.

Last year this time we had a blizzard!

Pip the Cat



  1. Pip does not look happy about the snow!

    1. He was probably excited he finally got to go outside, and then it was snow. That look of betrayal. :p


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