Temperature Tuesday

I've been so excited for today's first Temperature Tuesday! I finally get to blog about my blanket again! Honestly, I could take a picture and update every day, but that'd be overwhelming, and I'd probably get tired of it, but so far every day I'm staring down the clock, willing it to move to noon faster.

So here is 10 days in:

If you'll notice the white fluff on the ground, we did get snow!

That means one day gets sparkly thread.

For the day it snowed and the day after I was in Dover, Delaware at the Dover Downs Casino Hotel eating plates and plates of good food and playing slot machines where I won a total of $407.75! Lucky for me it's a complex, so I didn't have to go outside in the 18° weather (the grey hexagon), but it makes for a nice colorful first row.

Speaking of, I really like the way the first row is coming out.  The beginning is where the stitch marker is, and will have a black hexagon to the left of it to mark the beginning of the month.  My yarn is currently in transit, and will definitely arrive before February, but hopefully before January 18th, when I start the next row.

As for the color combinations, we might dip into the yellows, which are the 60s! The forecast is predicting 63° F for Thursday.  Right now it's a chilly 37° F.  Having yellow (60s) so close to pink (20s) would be fun, and not surprising for winter in Northern Virginia.

Oh, I should note,  I messed up in my explanation of my numbering system.  I chart I found was for 2016, a leap year, which is why I had a black hexagon for the first of the first row and the chart did not, but all the days after March came out okay.  I finally realized this year doesn't have a February 27th, so that extra space is marked for the first black hexagon.

I've also drawn up a new schematic for the blanket as well.  Instead of being 14x27 hexagons, it'll be 18x21 and look a little more square than rectangular.  It also gives it a finished measurement of around 4.5x5.25 feet instead of hitting the almost-7-foot range.  Mine's on the small side!

Along with working on the blanket, I've been very busy, and am excited to show you things, one of which is my "thermometer," a mandala with the colors going from low in the middle to highest around the edges

12-Round Mandala by Marinke Slump

Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Greybeard, Pink, Amethyst, Orchid, Stonewash, Soft Blue, Light Sage, Pistache, Sungold, Yellow, Desert Glaze, Burnt Pumpkin, Orange, Fire Red, Red
Hook: US H - 8 (5.00 mm)
Date started: January 3, 2017
Date completed: January 4, 2017

Please check out my page on the right sidebar for information on this project, and my Instagram and Facebook for updates on days in between Tuesdays.



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