Yarn Along :: The Underground Railroad

~Started in Fall 2010 by Small Things, every Wednesday we share what we're knitting or crocheting and reading on our blog/Instagram (#yarnalong)/Flickr, and link up on her blog.~

❝ The music stopped.  The circle broke.  Sometimes a slave will be lost in a brief eddy of liberation.  In the sway of a sudden reverie among the furrows or while untangling the mysteries of an early-morning dream.  In the middle of a song on a warm Sunday night.  Then it comes, always - the overseer's cry, the call to work, the shadow of the master, the reminder that she is only a human being for a tiny moment across the eternity of servitude. ❞ 

Currently reading: The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead; still working on The Exorcist

Currently working on: A Virus Shawl for my grandmother.  Caron Cakes is perfect for this pattern.  One Cake makes a nice size scarf, the yarn is lovely to work with, and it blocks into a lovely shawl.  After this, I have two more to make.



  1. The yarn is a lovely color mix. Hope you are enjoying your book. It was a good read!

  2. Good post, remember the old days when my grandmother used to make sweaters of yarn for us. Some really good old memories were those. Thank you for such lovely post


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