Yarn Along :: Trout Fishing in America

~Started in Fall 2010 by Small Things, every Wednesday we share what we're knitting/crocheting and reading on our blog/Instagram (#yarnalong)/Flickr and link up on her blog.~

❝ Everything smelled of sheep.  The dandelions were suddenly more sheep than flower, each petal reflecting wool and the sound of a bell ringing off the yellow.  But the thing that smelled the most like sheep, was the very sun itself.  When the sun went behind a cloud, the smell of the sheep decreased like standing on some old guy's hearing aid, and when the sun came back again, the smell of the sheep was loud, like a clap of thunder inside a coffee cup. 

Currently reading: Trout Fishing in America, by Richard Brautigan

Currently working on: you think I can finish my dad's Christmas blanket by next Wednesday?

💗  OPH


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