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Temperature Tuesday III

Happy Temperature Tuesday!

There's really not much to update today.  I've been sick almost the whole week, but have been keeping up with the temperature blanket, at least recording temperatures and catching up the next day.

Last time we chatted it was an unusably warm 70° and then the next day it was in the 30s and it snowed! You can't tell in the picture but there's sparkly thread in the purple hexagon next to the orange one.

And so the week has continued, gradually getting warmer and then going back down again. I'm hoping the weather changes drastically tomorrow as if it remains the same I'll be heading into a large Stonewash blob of blue. The forecast has us in the 60s from Saturday till Thursday, so the temperature at noon will probably be in the 50s (greens) but let's hope for some yellows!

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Temperature Wednesday II

Another edition of Temperature Wednesday, because I was too exhausted yesterday from weaving in ends. I decided to dedicate the whole day to weaving *groan* and it took me a looong time, and I still haven't finished! I wove in ends on my temperature blanket, the mandala from Monday's post, the thermometer mandala, and was working on the ends on a pair of fingerless mitts but gave up as my eyes were beginning to cross.  Also it got into the 70s today, so I don't think I'll be wearing them anytime soon, but then again it could snow tomorrow??? Weird weather. It honestly feels more like March or April than February, and the plants are confused and budding, and my body is confused and is throwing more migraines at me than usual.

But this also makes for a colorful temperature blanket and cool breezes on my skin as I crochet so I can't complain too much.

Here she is in all her glory:

It was so hard to take this picture, but I think I finally finagled a way to do it: comp…

Mandala Monday

Mandala Monday! Not sure if this will be a new thing, but I made a mandala on Monday, and we all know how much I love alliteration.

Granny Circle by Haafner Lissen from the book Mandalas to Crochet Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Green, Hot Blue, and Denim Indigo (the same color combination I used for my Christmas bauble) Hook: US H - 8 (5.00) Notes: I think there's a misprint in the book in round 1, there should be a "ch 1" in the written instructions, but was in the chart. Other than that it was very easy. I've wanted to make a granny circle for a while but could never figure out how to make the granny clusters into a circle. I can do hexagons and triangles just fine, but after doing this, I see where the increases would have to be.
Now the decision is what to do with it. I want to make it into a hot pad, but I feel like one layer isn't enough. So do I:
A: make another mandala and sew them together?
B:  sew felt on the back?
C: sew felt or b…

Temperature Wednesday (?) and Goodbye January

Ack, I missed yesterday.  Hope no one minds a Temperature Wednesday!

Trying to get a picture of my whole temperature blanket without getting my feet, other objects, or curious cats in the picture is becoming difficult!

January is complete!
Here is a better picture so you can see the hexagons closer:

We had a very warm January.  The high (temperatures always recorded at noon) got to 63° and the low was 19°.  We got snow twice, so there are two hexagons with sparkly yarn, one a pink, and one the purple next to the bright yellow one.
Here is my hexagonal graphing paper and colored penciled in graph to give you a better idea

I'll try to take a better picture tomorrow when I finish the second row.  Hopefully it'll be sunny!
I'm surprised to see so much green so early.  I thought there'd be a lot of purples (30s) and blues (40s) and maybe a few greens, but it's been really warm.
I'm excited to see how February is going to turn out and if we get any more snow.  I love…