Mandala Monday

Mandala Monday! Not sure if this will be a new thing, but I made a mandala on Monday, and we all know how much I love alliteration.

Granny Circle by Haafner Lissen from the book Mandalas to Crochet
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Green, Hot Blue, and Denim Indigo (the same color combination I used for my Christmas bauble)
Hook: US H - 8 (5.00)
Notes: I think there's a misprint in the book in round 1, there should be a "ch 1" in the written instructions, but was in the chart. Other than that it was very easy. I've wanted to make a granny circle for a while but could never figure out how to make the granny clusters into a circle. I can do hexagons and triangles just fine, but after doing this, I see where the increases would have to be.

Now the decision is what to do with it. I want to make it into a hot pad, but I feel like one layer isn't enough. So do I:

      A: make another mandala and sew them together?

      B:  sew felt on the back?

      C: sew felt or batting and matching fabric on the back?

There's things I have to think about for each of the options. For Option A would I make it in the same color combination or change color placement? It's not really a problem, just a thing. For Options B and C it's going to depend on what's in my felt and fabric stash. I like the idea of a felt back, but it's a bit bland, so I'm leaning towards fabric. But a regular cotton fabric is thin and I don't want the wrong side of the fabric peeking through, and since it's a hot pad I'd want some padding, so I think a layer of felt in between would be excellent.

After thinking about it, what I think I'm going to do, and hopefully have enough yarn to do, is make 2 more mandalas: one to go on the back of this one, and another that I'll back with felt and fabric. I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow (yay!) with my mom to pick up some yarn for a mini-CAL we're doing, so maybe I can grab a fat quarter that matches.



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