Temperature Wednesday (?) and Goodbye January

Ack, I missed yesterday.  Hope no one minds a Temperature Wednesday!

Trying to get a picture of my whole temperature blanket without getting my feet, other objects, or curious cats in the picture is becoming difficult!

January is complete!

Here is a better picture so you can see the hexagons closer:

We had a very warm January.  The high (temperatures always recorded at noon) got to 63° and the low was 19°.  We got snow twice, so there are two hexagons with sparkly yarn, one a pink, and one the purple next to the bright yellow one.

Here is my hexagonal graphing paper and colored penciled in graph to give you a better idea

I'll try to take a better picture tomorrow when I finish the second row.  Hopefully it'll be sunny!

I'm surprised to see so much green so early.  I thought there'd be a lot of purples (30s) and blues (40s) and maybe a few greens, but it's been really warm.

I'm excited to see how February is going to turn out and if we get any more snow.  I love using that sparkly yarn.

Is it insane I've already planned and budgeted for my 2018 year long project? 😛


Happy February!

January seemed to go by slowly, it seemed like a year waiting for noon each day to make the next hexagon, but looking back it seemed to go by in a flash.

I finished my PussyHat, and attended the Women's March on Washington.  I mostly worked on my temperature blanket, along with the thermometer mandala, with other projects sprinkled here and there, but those two were the only things I finished.

I'd love to finish Christmas presents in February, but I feel stifled and restrained, and I don't want crafting to be that way so I'm breaking free and doing what I feel like, because knitting and crochet is my stress reliever and escape and I want to enjoy it. Not that I don't enjoy those Christmas projects! It's just...it's hard to explain. But I just want to be free to crochet whatever I want whenever I want, and looking at the yarn I just pulled out of my stash, it appears I'll be starting a new project, so it looks like I'll be going along with the new plan!



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