Temperature Wednesday II

Another edition of Temperature Wednesday, because I was too exhausted yesterday from weaving in ends. I decided to dedicate the whole day to weaving *groan* and it took me a looong time, and I still haven't finished! I wove in ends on my temperature blanket, the mandala from Monday's post, the thermometer mandala, and was working on the ends on a pair of fingerless mitts but gave up as my eyes were beginning to cross.  Also it got into the 70s today, so I don't think I'll be wearing them anytime soon, but then again it could snow tomorrow??? Weird weather. It honestly feels more like March or April than February, and the plants are confused and budding, and my body is confused and is throwing more migraines at me than usual.

But this also makes for a colorful temperature blanket and cool breezes on my skin as I crochet so I can't complain too much.

Here she is in all her glory:

It was so hard to take this picture, but I think I finally finagled a way to do it: completely clear off the dining room table, move Pip the Cat, move the chairs on one side, move Pip again, stand on both chairs, stop Pip from jumping on top of the cabinet, stretch my arms up as far as they can reach to the chandelier and try not to get the glare then try and eyeball both ends of the blanket into the camera frame and move Pip! and finally snap.  I might have to try panoramas.

Here's Pip trying to get on the cabinet and the end of the blanket:

I'm really excited I decided to do 5° increments. Maybe I should have done the high for the day, but that would have put me a day behind and I don't mind taking the temperature at noon: it gives me something to look forward to.

It's going to be a real treat to see how this blanket turns out further in the year. When I was weaving in the ends on the thermometer mandala I realized how excited I was to get to shades of red and orange (just the colors, I'm not ready for that summer heat) but there's going to be a big red and orange swath in the middle because it gets hot here, and if this mild winter is any indication we're in for it. 2016 was the hottest year since NOAA has been tracking global temperatures in 1880, and the planet has now had three consecutive years of record-breaking heat (x) so I won't be surprised if 2017 surpasses that.

Winter storm Niko is on its way to the East Coast, however, so it'll be very interesting if we get snow tomorrow, but it looks like it'll just miss Virginia. But the temperature will drop, and even a little snow means I get to use that sparkly yarn. It'll make a great contrast against today's 70°!



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