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You ever have a project that gives you grief, and makes you depressed to think about? One that you dread working on, and want nothing more than to have that project finished completely and you can move on to other things, but it's a gift or for sale/commission and you have to finish it? That's what's happening to me now.

Last year I decided I'd make simple big granny square blankets for my parents and one of my best friends for Christmas. At the time I was just getting back into crocheting and big grannies were perfect. However, I never finished because I apparently work terribly under pressure (big change from college!), and big grannies are boring. So they were set aside, and gifted half finished to my dad and friend. I finished my mom's. (You may remember me talking about the one for my dad here; I finished it, then found more yarn.)

Every month of this year my plan has to been to finish them but I've only worked on them sparingly, and avoided them on the wh…

WIP Wednesday: Dancing Baby Hexagons

Recently I organized some of my craft supplies, and this included pulling a box of yarn out from underneath my bed.  Among the beautiful yarn from Los Angeles, I also found a purse and a pack of Dancing Baby yarn from Ice Yarns. After realizing how much I hate making giant granny squares (more on this later), I decided I was going to turn the Dancing Baby into a different lapghan, but I'm overwhelmed with projects at the moment and didn't need to start a new one. But that yarn is so pretty! I wanted to work with it so bad.

Then I saw this post on tumblr:

And agreed, and after deciding on a hook and pattern:

And that's what I did all day Sunday:

I just can't stop working on it. It's such a cute little lapghan, and the yarn is so pretty. I hope to finish it within the next few days as it's pretty much all I've been working on.


Temperature Tuesday IV

Happy Temperature Tuesday!

Here is my temperature blanket as of Monday.  Isn't it just so happy and colorful?  I love it!  I had no idea the weather was such a fickle thing and changed so often, as I really have never paid this much attention to it, and how much variation I'd get by choosing 5 degree temperature changes.  I'm so happy with how it's coming along!

But I want to talk about a few things, such as

the black and subsequent black hexies that represent the beginning of the month: what a change! I don't often see the blanket laid out like this, it's usually the little bit of where I'm joining, though I see my graph paper chart but the colors are almost completely different, and are representational (light green, dark green) instead of true-to-life (the light green colored pencil looks nothing like the light lime-y green of the Pistache yarn.) I can tell you for a fact I prefer to real deal to my graph paper chart. But what a change I've had, check…