Temperature Tuesday IV

Happy Temperature Tuesday!

Here is my temperature blanket as of Monday.  Isn't it just so happy and colorful?  I love it!  I had no idea the weather was such a fickle thing and changed so often, as I really have never paid this much attention to it, and how much variation I'd get by choosing 5 degree temperature changes.  I'm so happy with how it's coming along!

But I want to talk about a few things, such as

  • the black and subsequent black hexies that represent the beginning of the month: what a change! I don't often see the blanket laid out like this, it's usually the little bit of where I'm joining, though I see my graph paper chart but the colors are almost completely different, and are representational (light green, dark green) instead of true-to-life (the light green colored pencil looks nothing like the light lime-y green of the Pistache yarn.) I can tell you for a fact I prefer to real deal to my graph paper chart. But what a change I've had, check out the first week in January (the first row; first black hexagon onward) and even the first week of March (third black hexagon onward), and compare to the first week of April (last row; fourth black hexagon onward) - what a difference! Is this what my blanket is going to look like for the next few months, until the purples are completely phased out and we rarely see blues, until we don't see anymore greens and it's just all oranges and yellows and reds? How exciting! Then I suppose we'll swoop back down and the blues and purples will come back in as we hit autumn. But I'm getting way too ahead of myself. 
  • the 5 hexagon block of dark and light purples on the bottom right: at the end of March I went to upstate New York to visit my grandma, the one who taught me how to knit and crochet, and since I already decided I was taking the measurements from wherever I was at the time, I have a random (but pretty!) cold patch where it should be in the yellows and oranges if I was in Virginia. But that brings me to my next point,
  • the juxtaposition of contrasting colors: I love this, all the yellows next to purples, and oranges next to blues.  I don't necessarily like feeling that drastic change in temperature (that's about 20 degrees difference) in real life, but the differences over the weeks and how I've arranged it make it look really cool.
  • I've used all my colors except for 3, representing 80 degrees and above. 
  • It's now become Arwen's favorite place to sit.

as of March 22

Looking forward to (hopefully) get back into the blogging groove.



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