2017 Temperature Blanket

Welcome! This is where I’ll keep all the information for my temperature blanket. Enjoy, and thanks for coming!

What’s a temperature blanket? Every day I will crochet one hexagon. The color of the hexagon will correspond to the temperature at noon on that day for wherever I am. At the end of the year, I’ll have a blanket with 378 hexagons in all different colors!

What pattern are you using? I’ll be using the (free!) Weekender Blanket pattern by Sandra of Cherry Heart.

Why 378? 365 for the days + 12 black hexagons to mark the beginning of each month + 1 extra for the very end that will be embroidered with ‘2017’ = 378.

What yarn are you using? 15 colors, plus black, of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn 100% acrylic. 

What is your temperature range? Check out this handy chart:

How large will this be? The blanket will be 18x21 hexagons, and each hexagon is around 3 inches so I’m looking at around 4x5 feet. There will also be a border. (Note that this is on the smaller side!) 

Handy links:




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